"If negative energy draws the anger of every microbe, then positive energy must draw love microbially."

We know there are many of us disconnecting from medicinal energy because of fear, and that fear is stoked by lies and unrealistic foundations for happiness. So what to do? Go to battle with the pathogenic states who’s harmful energies are suffocating everything that wants to thrive, by counting blessings , wishing love, sharing, and aiding.

WANT LIFE AND LOVE for all and everything!!

I am dedicating my life to the counter culture to that which infects everything, till everything has SADLY no choice but to destroy us and our ugliness….

At least five times a day, I will stop everything and pray for us all, and train my will to be of service to my membrane and anatomy, for the soul purpose to be ready for service to everyone and thing. I will make mistakes but I will rush to improve as soon as i am conscious of the mistake, I am at a loving war with fear and hate, by being fearless and loving….

At least five times a day I bow my head and place my face on the ground, as a loyal practitioner of this wonderful martial art. I am mumin, a warrior that will not let the atmosphere be controlled with any sign of fear, the fearful will not control the air waves unchallenged, I will exhibit a choice away from fear and hate…even if it’s just me. The children deserve to know a choice exists, I must be a walking talking example of it, this is how I will live and die in sha ALLAH …….I am known as johnny bang reilly……..but my warrior name is…. Yahya abdullah jihad [ yahya=live.. abdullah=slave of the most high….jihad=strive]….live , slave of the most high and strive……

I am becoming my name…..I am coming to know what I really am, I am YAHYA…….LIFE!!……and I will spread it, give it, share it and PRAY it out into the atmosphere, and give strength in love to everyone and everything till gratitude fills and heals the world of its ingrate pollutants …….  OSU

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