"Women are the greatest fighters.  They gave their heart and soul to give birth to the world.  They are champions of it."

The world exists because of what they give to it

Everything applauds, cheers and joins in to help her child keep breathing

While still bleeding from the battle, she breast feeds

Still speaks quietly, puts her pain aside

To pour out love

She plans a future of peace with care the moment you are born

She shakes from the trial but keeps you warm

She is ready to fight again to keep you alive

She has little energy, but still gives you her milk

She is a warrior, a champion at being ready to love

To take care of all needs

She ignores her pain and stands up again and again to have you love a day

Every man that ever laced on fighting gloves just wants to be a little like her

But we will never amount to it

What she did

We try to symbolize it

Mummy’s boys

But that is all it will ever be

A tribute

Only achieving a brute in comparison to these undefeated champions grace

Dream on boys

We could never walk in her shoes


She is the undisputed champion of the world

She gives meaning to

All we do is play


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