Why do I try to teach people that not quitting is the answer to realising new discoveries in themselves and life?  

Because I want you all to go beyond where you might have quit. I want you all to discover a life beyond the limitations put on you by the fearful and hateful that don't want you to enjoy a life better and beyond theirs. I want you to battle them and defeat their average boundaries. I want to laugh with you as you surpass their evil barriers they tried to indoctrinate you with, you're great constantly improving and discovering.

And I want to be part of you breaking free and show them that they were lying to their idiot selves when they thought they were so powerful that they could hold down you and me.
I want to be part of you living your life beyond where you were indoctrinated to quit. Living in the destroying of limits even when my body dies my hearts wish for you to defy their gravity will live in you. I want your hearts and minds free from yours and my enemy and I wont quit. This is why I teach no quit. OSU
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