We stay together because we stay out our ways

black and blue
you crazy you
bouncing off me
stacked afro desiac
stored sights of each other
for slackness allowed
backed up because we tolerant
letting amazing grow
flow consummating again
why we know
thrown together for good reason
giving space while style squeezes
exquisite bits, legitimising rising
smiling at life hard to believe
co dependant on intent
meant to let enough room for each other
discovering self
felt ready for endeavours
if alone relaxed
right bits grow right for love making
we grown prone to energy
freed by wisdom
loving the other half
keeping quiet while we tune
so sexy
letting we let
feeding on our fed
could be low kids
above those isms
kissing with eyes open fishing and hoping
positions of dope things
holy ropes tightening
righteous on remote
paradise surprised by the company
couldn't rest until we found not wicked
instinktive so gifted
now never alone
because we leave us alone
she dont pat my back
wants me to hug her forever
i let her find her
while i was finding me finding us lovely
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