We have become businesses most valuable product

We have become businesses most valuable product:

All business is based around the pushing of perishable goods these days ie the goods you buy break down and you become a repeat customer, even though there are different faces selling different products there is really one boss of it all.  The banks, and that means one human family is benefitting from this disrespectful practice.  You have to be nothing but a sucker to them, ie GOYIM.

Look at fast food, meat will be enough nutrient density for you but they over cook it and sell it with anti nutrients like bread and some sort of grain or bean to make sure you leave with calories, ie body issues and lack of nutrients.  The eyes saw the meat, but got no nutrients, so the body in malnutrition now pushes you from the perspective of life and death struggle.  You will feel bad so then comes more "offerings"by way of commercials of things that promise to make you feel better, ie these constructed anti nutrient foods and combinations to make sure you get teased with nutrients but actually end up suffering from their lack of bioavailability, accelerating NEED.  The big secret that they are excited about and reveal to their parasitic share holders according to the lucrative principle of perishable business practice, is that WE are the perishable goods, that will constantly need repair and replacing........OSU

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