Turn off the blue light it will keep you in the dark.

People want things to make them feel they are here, things cost money, clicks mean traffic, traffic means people looking to spend money on things to feel they are here, so nothing is real.  It's all a means to get some sort of feeling of ego based presence, by provoking potential financial and psychological status.  This is no place for honour, so no lie or schemed provocation is off limits.  Even a president will get paid for the trending.  These empty shallow victims will lie about relationships, hell they will even allow themselves to be accused of rape , child molestation and racism, they will fake terrorist attacks to create an audience for advertisers to back hand them in order to peddle their pathetic remedies to masses that feel nothing without things.  Everything is fucking engineered, save your mind from the mockery and plug out the blue light that keeps you awake in its fucking engineered darkness.  Corporations have baby sat us and our children, they need a needy captive audience to raise money for their status.  We copy the baby sitter for the virtual status of likes , subscribers and comments.  Every fool wants attention through finance or virtual popularity and all have no real self respect.  That has been crushed and re identified as prestige, which only amplifies the fact you are needy by way of low value that by nature will hunger and do anything for the tainted supplement of prestige.  It's all the puke of made insane people, step out of their madness....its a lying truth.....step into you and FEEL everything but fake news.  OSU

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