Training methods where you train the nervous system to selectively increase the recruitment of prime movers and muscles that are predominately fast twitch while simultaneously decreasing the demand for the stabilising muscles that hold the joints in optimal working function and integrating the structure so you would have harmony between the segments of the body, so when you get stronger and stronger but your stabiliser system gets weaker and weaker will be similar to putting more and more horse power in a small car but doing nothing to enhance the suspension or the breaking system ......thats a car that is in danger of malfunction and crash because it can go so fast but you can't turn it or stop it.........a weak stabilisation system...when out of stabilisation aid ie gym machines and benches will cause reflex inhibition of the prime movers ....and you will find even though muscular you are weak..when out of your balance aided getting to the point you will look like you can fight but in fact can't functionally fight for shit.....OSU
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