Survival of the fittest got in us by their programming, this started us to race, there are different courses in different environments that create different races for the indigenous of those territories.  Racing in the first place was ridiculous, it divided us.  Your truth is not survival of the fittest, the only reality is service from the fittest to the not so fit.  Today we have one set of people that are trying to make a global course for us to waste our time obsessed with out running each other, and on that course we do not thrive, we are ill prepared.  The rules keep changing which get us disqualified, we are malnutritioned and hobbled by lack of facility, while others are afforded all they need to pass us by and from programmed minds we gush the best man won.  This race shit is rigged in the favour of scum bags and their sons, the best thing we can do for ourselves is not partake and know ourselves without having to compete with each other for a twisted egos sake.


The only healthy competition should be service and aid until all have the god given right to not be afraid, this mind state makes me happier about me by the day, fuck their game that renders us lame when it comes to grace we are not a race, we are more than trying to finish first.  We are together nurturing births, that will merge with our worth and refuse to be a race too.  Instead be the support of me and you, no matter what the hue ........OSU

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