In the story of the prodigal son, you are the father the essence and the reality of you.  The wasteful son is the part of you left without knowing your essence so goes out in the world to manufacture a version of yourself that you might enjoy.  The good son is the reason we use to protect ourselves from disconnection from our essence [the father].  When the wayward part of you realises the poverty of altering state through ignorance of true essence, it makes a journey home to the authentic self, acceptance of true make up and essence..[father].....the good son [logic] has to be left out of the equation when allowing the wayward part of you to get lost and then experiencing the greatness and brilliance of you surviving the mistakes of disconnection and loss of who and what you truly are then the logical part of you has to be taught the wisdom of this.

It was the losing of the way that showed the son what it is made of to survive that and have the self love still present to come back to the essence [father] and in fact learn that within the wayward self is the essence and amazing ability of the father that you are rooted from thus becoming one with the father and returning home to the greatness you are.

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