In the race for the privileges in life the people that have been given a head start dont want their glory of attaining privilege to be tainted by the fact they had an unfair advantage and that it was not down to their ability entirely or their tenacity, patience , will and strength of heart.

Here is a reality they find hard to stomach. Those virtues they cannot claim and will never be theirs. That's the price you have to pay for the head start. Those virtues belong to those they had a head start on but who had the will and vision to still race in spite of those with a head start and still got themselves to the finish line where the head start people were lifted to and in some cases beat the head starters to it.

Privilege and aided will never reward the willing recipient with the virtues of the champions that were given no real help and in fact had to over come the obstacles put there to make them stumble for a few to have the monopoly on privilege.

The head starters will never develop the humanity or character or even experience it for that matter as the ones that were given no head start .........the head starters have no faith in competing fairly. Their people in fact insult them and compound in them that they have no chance of attaining the prizes of life without aid. I am so in awe of the souls that still saw in themselves the ability to compete and win in this unfair race. Money can't buy self matter how many head starts you got to amass it...the essence of champions and giants can not be cultivated in the infertile ground of the head start ........ OSU
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