"I wake up everyday, relishing the battle of looking only at the good, it’s interesting and fun, when I get pulled to the negative I get the opportunity to see my strength and will to fight back to the positive."

Everyday through these means, I meet more of what I’m made of.  Negatives and trials are a blessing, I get them for free to play with, to step to and meet my bravery, each one that gets smashed by me, shows me I have heart.

They are sent for me to doubt myself, but they become my play thing haha, only to increase my light and might, I spit in fears face, and say, BRING IT!!!!……All these devils thought they would prostrate me, but I only bow down to the higher order, never to quit, silly evil shits wasting their time imagining they will break me, when their means only aid my grace.

Life is now my play pen, birthing my girth and strength.  I have been at this so long that I now fight with grace. I dance this bruising ballet, that can make me dizzy, but I keep punching, not just punching, I fight back to my poise with wonderful shapes and a smile on my face that their hell is my everyday game………..OSU

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