"I no longer like this facility, it’s dark.  The average person has no idea about what can happen to their life, they have no idea that there are humans that will gladly erase them, because erasing them erases what they represent …."

I dont want to be part of that force any more, I don’t like the implications, the horrible shit that can happen to a squares anatomy if one of these angry souls let’s itself express its disgust and rage. The fear they will experience as they feel the unrelenting power of rage that is hungry to consume there soul and show them the horrors of pain as they experience the feel of their bodies being torn up, and hear the tearing of their own flesh, and collapse of organs. Trapped to look into the eyes of a human force of nature that has the ability to not give a fuck about their life….

Squares should watch their fucking manners, for their own sake….


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