"I’m clouded with stuff that should not have happened to me.  But I’m starting to see it should have."

How much more powerful my realizations of the moments that still breathe
Amongst the plague, that loves to swarm and stab
But can’t touch the truth of beautiful soft moments
I barely remember but feel happened with my mother
I’m held together by those components
When my mother and I were loving to each other
I know I was held tightly
I loved the time that stopped time
My favorite person was right by my cheek
I know I was kissed, and felt the apple of her eye
It did not happen that often, but it is enough to reach back to feel my value
When all the bad things slander and try to break your heart
Trying to convince one the ugliest thing is you
But no chance
I have moments that kill hours of mocking me
Held inside my memories
When my dear troubled mother managed to hold me tightly
So tight to fade the thoughts that today are enemies
So tight
She held me so tightly
So tight
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