What happened to me, I now know was not my fault
I arrived in this world pure and innocent
Was given to this earth to be the salt
A contributor to the beauty with harmonic intent
What a shock it was, the air I was left to breathe
Shocked at the food I had no choice but to consume
And the steady stream of things I was told to believe
My own instincts can’t seem to get their room
What did I do to be forced into this painful touch
I remember sitting alone looking at outerspace
I wonder if out there I will feel better and not sulk so much
Hard to be grateful for the life I was given with grace
And these people are hurting me
The potential I was born with seems to be forbidden
I feel imprisoned wishing to be free
Slowly and slowly I felt I was losing my vision
Because I felt I knew better
After all I am heaven sent
To be a better trend setter
A new energy, they call a new generation
I must counter this culture
The seed of meaning in me I will give precedence
If I can avoid the ways that pick at me like a vulture
I’ll search and I’ll search for better ways to implement
I looked for bright people and copied their best bits
I developed a rebellious mode
I learned about food that would stop random fits
Captors ways made me react out of control
But the graced people I found revealed lifes opportunities
And since then I have followed their path
“Be busy like the bee, and learn the best from all communities”
Now I know what I was subjected to was slowly tearing me apart
To force me to travel and learn
To graduate with honors
And share with all souls how to avoid what will make your wings burn
No matter what they say or do, we were born to fly …honest……
So keep trying…..  Keep trying to rise


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