Breath coming back to normal
That was a long run
I am out of harms way
I’m away from my siblings but at least I’m safe from another beating
My bruises burn, I’m not going home
I’m small and I don’t know how I’m going to live
But I don’t want to be beaten anymore
Not being afraid keeps worry away, my parent scares me
I’ve been here before, let’s find an abandoned car Johnny
Or a derelict house
Find a window your head can get through, and your body will too
If it’s cold, curl up, keep looking out a window and talk to god
Your friend that keeps all fears away
I’m not going home, tomorrow find a park and play
Steal some apples from a market stall
You know what Johnny, you keep yourself safe,
You run away and keep yourself safe
You look after yourself
You’re a good friend
You will be remembered by your big self and smiled at for your resilience
Your memory will give big Johnny confidence and belief
That he can handle anything
Thank you for your resilience little Johnny
You’re a vital part of my history that still feeds me
Yours sincerely,
You that made it to fifty two years young

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