I would be remiss if I did not remind you of the planted lie that black people are three fifths of a human being , which aids the cognitive dissonance.

“They need to be policed and can’t deal with the responsibility of privilege, they are beasts, and are prone to brutality”.  Look at the film, all you see is a beast fighting his natural tendency to kill , I never said to any one i was getting in shape to kill someone, I found myself in shape as a result of therapies I was using to not kill someone at a particular time , which resulted in me deciding to not kill them.

It was said I was going to use my body to kill another man [animal] when I was going to shoot the cunt……….they shot footage of me with my children, it was not used, only images of me being a fucking machine.  I used the footage they shot and made a music clip, and guess what, because I don’t have an illness about how I see other people the film shows a loving father, who has worked out the issues that white society brutally stamped on him to live with .

If you look at the film, and what is said on my behalf, you can conclude, that I, all on my own have this violent condition, that I have found a way around, when in fact it should have been pointed out that I was brutalized by white people from my mother down, which turned me, a beautiful child into a man with major mental issues squatting in my highly creative mind.

That could have justified like the rest of the psychos his violent fallout because of his cruel childhood.  But instead of the propagated lie that “my kind” are not even full humans , I was inspired by my HUMANITY to be the opposite of a beast, and pursue and maintain the higher virtues of my humanity………I chose LIFE……….

Every time I deal with you guys about this is the more I see, I should never have allowed my story or image to be used by such insensitive people , as a person dedicated to destroy the constant media onslaught that my kind are what they said..three fifths of a human, beasts…. I have let my people down, and found myself once again brutalized by the inconsiderate tourettes of out of touch white people.

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