"Why should I condone the fear in my heart, why should I give credence to the fear mongering of my mind, a mind that brings back to me what it has gathered."

My heart must have a criterion, it must be brave enough to live by it, it is my essence so I must live by it, the fundamentals of it. IF IT IS NOT LOVE MARRIED TO FEARLESSNESS, IT IS NOT TO BE OF CONCERN, OR VALUED……

I don’t need to be a survivor, I’m born to be a liver, a dancer exhibiting LIFE…..My face is for smiling, my eyes are for crying only tears of joy, my senses are the vacuum to suck up love, this is my snobbery, my stubbornness is my virtue.

My fists are for opening a hand like a flower, my feet are for taking me to your embrace and my embrace to you, I am no coward, your looks will never keep me “in my place.” I’m all over this space, in your face, hate me and you miss the party, love me, and join the journey to where ever, when ever, I’M FREE, and I’ll die like this. I am stamina, relentless, to kiss myself and like it, then I take my like and share it with you in all fashion……I WILL LOVE , LOVE, LOVE,…..FOR I HAVE NO CHOICE……I AM LOVE……silly

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