I have so many conditioned dislikes.  I really suffer from these spontaneous hates, its like I'm possessed by a fucking narcissist.

For years I have been kidnapped and been punished not to mention suffered from this un asked for virus.  It has buried my joy and gratitude for life, I have hated something about everyone.  I'm at the point where I don't even want to study if I'm right.

I don't want to know your secrets.  Who you have been may not be you in the future, you might even become the greatest blessing to mankind by way of your repentance.  You are still here and allowed to breathe SO WHO AM I TO GET IN THE WAY OF THAT, YOU MUST STILL HAVE A PURPOSE.

My only concern will be how can I keep my problems away from you and how can I help your life improve your ability to contribute to all of our peace and love.  My life going forward will be to learn, to help anyone that needs help if I have the means and also to support anyone who like me wants to get back to loving life and people.

It is time for unity, so much unity, that there is no longer an us and them, only in supporting and helping each other have a life that will help us cope with all that life entails will any enemy become a minority that we can protect ourselves, our children and old folk from.

My life from now on is to master unity and contribution to our right to peace and gratitude.  Ingratitude is a sign of disturbance and abandonment, I'm here to support anyone to get back to finding life a wonderful interesting miracle.  This is my pledge, this is my gift to my children, this is what they will know me for.  I will struggle and sometimes I might lose to the satanic conditioning of my mind, but my hearts logic and intent will be the only thing I will fuel until my sick mind is starved and the ugly conditioning will have no fuel.  The only deprivation will be the mind conditioning I will no longer offer my strong will to be used by.  LETS GO!!!!!

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