I open my eyes, and all I see is darkness
Slept and the day past me
Is this a trick to be alone
So I can amplify the high I prepare to get me stoned
or high as some call it
I’m so careful with the drugs I can barely afford to miss
Every hit has to have effect
To exaggerate the fact I’m convinced my life is shit
Putrid enough for me to inhale a buzz
To poison my body
To create an excuse to give up
Is this a slow motion suicide?
Of the life my mind despises
Do I wake when all are asleep
So no one can stop me
Hoping in the back of my mind, that this next hit will stop my heart beating
Hard to believe I was trapped in this self abuse
Hard to believe I would not be missed by humans
Making sure I would not contribute
Angry to the point I’d take me away from you
But what have I done to me, but help me breath
I am just agreeing to hurt me too
That won’t do
Why should I do me in for you
I rebel from THAT, my protest is living well
I still wake in the darkness, but with a different story to tell
Morning comes sooner now, I’m up just before dawn
To celebrate why I was born, not hate it
And mark me a great kid
That made it out of the days that were night
To live life and not foresake it

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