It's been a long battle, that at first I was pissed at.  I was like "why is it my life to perpetually fight", but that was me trying to be like them.  I was beaten because they were too tired, then I learned that the battle is where you meet the fighter, the preservationist.  Everyday just living with and in the wrestle is actually a gift that constantly relays back to me I'm managing and can and will.  I started to meet the capable I am, now I love the test.  Minute by minute I am amplified, I am the manager, the understander, the responsible, the hard worker, the protector of people from me, the righteous, the caring, the smart, the strong, the intelligent, the preparer, the expresser, the victor, the warrior.  If I had nothing to wrestle I would have realised none of these facts that no one can take away from me or deny me.  The man that wrestles with another is not strong, it is the man that wrestles with his troublesome self that is mighty.
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