Memories of my past have become murky, that's great news.  My memories created rage and disappointment with life which in turn made me dangerous at any given moment or provocation.  I have worked on what I have learned to make living in the moment the only way to live to promote positive energy both physically and mentally.  The fact that my past has become murky is a proof that I have disabled that part of my brain that throws up and contains my toxic memories.  I have murdered the contaminated cells that hold the toxic behaviour and habits of my past, so my brain cannot be disturbed by negative content.  I only promote the use of the conscious brain by being present in the now, which in turn cultivates content that has a far better story for my cells to contain.  Couple that with amazing combinations atomically that I consume to enrich the quality of my cells which supplement the positive electricity I have generated by watching what my senses consume.  My gift to me is my present and I have been wrapping it beautifully for you all to anticipate a wonderful gift.  You're welcome.  OSU
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