why not.  I get eyed up
mind shot
eccentric ideas
iced off
if you dent i dont care
could hope I kill you
blessed if you don't die
it is the way it's gone
I react to my on one
hope my soul takes over
and councils John
council estate state of mind
what kind of got to get about my style
what projects in your mind
what movie do you use to assume about me
I'm out of reach
you're always wrong
thank god
thoughts are long so I gob off lots
I like that manager story
feel like I made off
looted minutes
happy like a survivor
of souls that wont go
hyped up bi polar flows
made up dog class
they lie goyim finessing skinheads
brush that shit off real fast
no labels sticking boy
your a youngen
bad child of the brung in
five minute mingers paro
minority in the world of the abo's
originals.. had jinnal offspring
burning what they want locked
no ideas adhere
I'm rooted
so fuck off
know better to do better
set up by elders
can't be fooled by melts
get the buckle of my belt
I'll scrap for my scratch
I got kids to feed
and teach a mind free
designed to love
I'm concerned
quarter tipped shoes
sparks on cobbles
I use hips in squabbles
it's clear I want to stay here
knuckles lumpy
face open
my punches tear
elbows on remote
drilled skills
tell a story
if I'm grumpy best ignore me
am I asking too much?
I'm trying to save you
my soul sores bleed
a crazy fool
I crave wisdom
say so angel
I'll big myself up
every inch of my stature
heals fractures I brag complete
if I don't who will big up me
violent inside fighting for mines
driven crazy mary made this echo
I'm the song of her wrong
and her desire to be right
I'll achieve the sanity mother
lets go
through me your free
when I'm not out of my mind
in a mans body being three
I've thought this out
everything that tests me
helps my core speak out
no quitter no quitter
every bit of me spits love
while I hate what they say that im made of
im bi polar
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