"Although a great survival tool, the tragic side about causing a child to grow immune to pain, is they think everyone else will be too, they don’t see chastising you for any injustice they may feel, as a crime."

They are not focusing on that, they believe just like them you should take your lumps and get over it, and even feel you will grow “stronger” as a result, just like them.  But just like them, the focus on being tough, has overshadowed the virtue of being soft, of loving rather than planning defense, and numbing emotions that are distressed at pain.

They have no idea what this hardening does to the anatomy, to the nervous system and so to their quality of life.  A hard surface cannot absorb anything, so to feel the joy of feeling everything about being human evades them.  A calculation on what is the value starts, eventually these souls implode and want out of this numbness.  Illness in all forms ensues until the nervous system murders you, under orders from the echoes of childhood abuse.

The heart wants wonder, not war.  It’s ok to fight, but also cry, for the light to ignite your life FEEL PAIN…….it’s you loving you and telling you you’re worth better


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