I have to share with you all the relief and real inner happiness I feel.  I was ensnared and imprisoned by the substances and foods of this babylon, that has addicted and killed miserably family members and friends.  Not only in their memory have I escaped the traps of degenerate humans that profit from this putrid business, but I have got my healthy mind back that plays to me my healthy hearts desires.  My impulses used to be solely geared towards manipulating me to the chemicals in processed foods and the available drugs and alcohol that would kidnap me away from my true self.  It has been a long fight to my present freedom, not only against the toxic consumption but also to discard the construct of me by other people, from parents to teachers to strangers and society at large.  

In silence I collected movements from many arts and peoples and during the execution of these movements I was introduced to my truth.  No words.  Just the sound of physical efforts and facilitating breath that was as dedicated as my heart to meet my truth.  What is witnessed by my being and you today is a wonderful life that displays it's mortality through movement.  The only impulse to be found is the excitement to move, where there was the mind obsession to get out of my head, there now resides the impulse to get into my soul through movement.  You know me by the label Johnny, but I can say with all honesty I am YAHYA, which means life.  And the only desire that keeps obsessing my mind is to move and realise more of it.  I am no trick, punter, customer, or sucker.  I am free and proud to be the degenerate, sociopathic, money hungry, people haters enemy and I WILL BE MANY.

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