"What the fuck was I doing promoting myself as a beast, and allowing myself to collaborate in the insult to my mother and people."

Was I fooled as a youth by those that are happy for me to convince the public of this, and in my innocence, dedicated myself to the slander, I danced like a beast, fought like a beast, moved like a beast, talked like a beast, and made myself look like a beast.  My obliging soul, was an obedient tool in the propaganda, but it was not proppa’ , because of my nature to please.  I was used subliminally, but not polluted , not even affected by this poison, my loving heart was untouchable, and now it is time to let you meet the core of me.

All my expression from now on will be to introduce you to my heart preserved in my humanity, I am more than three fifths, far from a beast, you will see as I let my love surface and breath through everything I conceive, what you saw was the act of a beast now behold the flow of my feel, the real…….LOVE

Johnny B.A.N.G. Reilly………..OSU

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