got us dying out loud......dying out loud...and you dont care
we trusted your suits
surrounded with scientists and experts
we let you look after us
loving souls are gullible
who has time to learn what a liar is
that eats good lives short on time
you put smiling faces on poison food
our water is barley consumable
convinced us to blame our toxicity on our genes
na its your epigenetics thats the culprit
finessed into not doing whats nutritional
our children are upset
your answer is to drug them and incarcerate
their symptoms are bad for advertising so you pass blame
afraid so we separate from each other
then you herd us
farmed and harmed...we cry in violence
is our pain music to your psychotic ears
im not here to try and shame you, you cant be
im more dangerous than that
no im busy seeking patterns and hacks to by pass your chemical black magic
a mixture of poisons cant be converted by our bodies
we are drained trying
global crying ..signs every where
public funds pilfered by plumb mouthed scum
and those desperate to be like them if that is safety
will you make it a crime to keep and grow our own food
you hold owner ship to hold control
and feed us gruel
laughing lucrative as we line up addicted asking
please sir can we have some more
anti nutrient not even animals can be supple on grain
nothing can escape and no nourishment in
omega 6 hardens hearts and traps the poison
death sentence detonated time runs out subtle
systemic symptoms are out loud
got us fighting over cows
this fucked up plantation....keeps coming around
promises of profits for the people
when in our face you are really talking about you
if we are goy....then you are the "humans" you care about
kind of men
man kind your alien
your sense of power comes from our death
living you want as your privilege
one day we will get it
it is better to die fighting
then die for your amusement
i said what i have said
and i make no excuses
my heart breaks because im not deaf
got us dying out loud
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