You wear your bodies out with the constant consuming and manufacture of blood your habits abuse you with, and on top of that you eat anti-nutrients, cook with stripped oils that your body gets alarmed by and tries to digest before it even starts on the shit food you have ingested.  

You will have little energy in your digestive process to mine for any nutrient that might be present, this means you are calorie and inflammation rich and nutrient deficient.  You over cook your foods and kill enzymes disabling the blessing of absorption, creating a malnourished body and brain, causing you fear of life and agitation at any ask of your stamina and thus patience.

You become a weak cranky, ego builder morphing into a crab in a bucket based upon your knowledge that you are weak and breaking down, so at any moment could be out done when it comes to the struggle of life, of course you are a prime candidate for acceptance of doom, yes there is a world ending.  YOURS

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