"I remember a time, when I kept seeing myself lifting off the floor.  I would be hanging out with my sisters, then all of a sudden my feet would lift , my bottom half would float until I was parallel to the floor, about three feet in the air, just floating there horizontal."

Sometimes I would be walking along and I would leave the ground, and keep moving in the direction I was going but being about a foot off the earth, this happened a lot through out my childhood.  There was nothing that I took interest in that I did not think i couldn’t do.  I felt it would just come to me if I just wanted it enough.  At school I would be thinking about all these things I wanted to try, while the class was going on, I would see myself doing wheelies on my push bike, jumping ramps like Evel Knievel, doing the greatest kung fu to the school bully, being a great boxer, pleasing my mother, looking after my little brother and sisters. I would be the man in the house, I would provide.

I even saw myself in the Jackson 5…. Then I would finally get my consciousness back in the lesson that was being taught while I was away in my thoughts….I would look at all the numbers on the chalk board, and hear the teacher, in the middle of some complicated language……. a number would come to mind …13….I hoped I had the special power just to know, the answer to the math being taught.  The teacher asked “Who knows the answer?” I put my hand up and just said the number waiting to be said that I had in my head…”13″ ..I said fearlessly…”Well done” she said…… All the smart kids were now looking at me, I was in their club whether they liked it or not, but I always felt I did not belong on the ground where they liked to be.

I belonged with, Mohammed Ali, Pele, John Wayne, Elvis, Luis Armstrong, Gene Kelly, Lassy, six million dollar man, and who ever I thought was amazing….but then bit by bit, I was told I was not magical. In fact I was told in words and looks, that I was inadequate, not blessed with what it takes to be average let alone the flying angel I felt I was…They spat on me, beat me, made friends with me then turned on me, my desire to walk the path of my thoughts was melting away.  Before I knew it I was older, and taking different drugs to bring back the thoughts I enjoyed as a little boy…… Glue, booze, chemicals, what ever would get me back to seeing myself in adventures.

The more I altered my state the more it punished my body, the further I got away from realizing my visualisations.

In my organic life, the thoughts that used to mature and strengthen my body, were now being called up in a way that was destroying my beautiful frame, I was hobbling me, my wings were in tatters, my bones ached, but my will still whispered…”fly… are born to fly”…….So I looked for the levitators, watched them , listened to them, and read their words, I found a person they call a tattoo artist, and had my wings put back together.  With ink, I put together my tribal identity, and opened myself to being with other flyers, others that dumped the weights the people who kidnapped life put on you….one by one everyone I met good or who i thought was bad, were showing me, the glow of my soul.

I am still meeting these angels today.

Each taking away another debilitating weight, from my heart, a heart that is starting to get the energy to run with my souls poem of “go Johnny go”…….the wind is a soft breeze that smells of musk, blowing its fragrant mantra of “love”…my wings have this beneath them lifting me up.  I look left and right, up and down, and I’m surrounded with every soul I need, to see in them the me in me…….flyers, blowing out the fires of lies, that blurt .”You don't belong in the sky.”

We dive in this ride of mortality, only to love the rise that verifies our true selves….super naturals, beyond parallels, ……..every moment I am asked… “Am I up to the task, of being what i have always known?”…….. I fix the black pearls I have for eyes and whisper strongly……… OSU

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