Being impressionable , being open to impersonate can make you irritable when being around people you are afraid might be absorbed by you and you can feel that would really be a pathetic mess..its not their fault , its your emptiness that makes you open to digesting and becoming anything and everything .....being a child of destroyed self value i was prone to be malleable at all times, my pliability opened me to many possessions that kept me too busy exorcising ....i would move away from people without warning , stop communicating , leave groups i was regular in to hopefully discard what was mutating and insulting the authentic friendships with more whole people i would suffer , i would want to stay in their company...but suffered from the company they were fine to keep....dogs and children are a big part of me .....and i pretty much would have aggressive reactions to anyone i did not see these natures in ...for my own sanities i am surrounded by people with ethics i don't mind absorbing...and have learned to discard their characters like the peal of good fruit......i'm fine with my own skin and scent now ....all i seek to seep inside me is righteous standards and morals..seeking the gentle and kind🥰 a fisherman of this
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