Fasting, fasting, fasting.  I love not eating, you all have no idea of the benefits.  New cells, rested digestive system, stem cell production and much more that science has not even discovered yet.  I do the fast of David.  One day eat the next day nil by mouth, more growth hormones more testosterone.  Intermittent fasting is an imposter and only has the placebo of believing it works, it does not, nor does fasting for days in a row, that will just make you look old.

Eat nothing, sun goes down, eat some dates and cucumber, and drink tea til' bed time.  Wake up the next day eat dates and cucumber again, some berries and go for a run or brisk walk.  Drink some matcha and take some adaptogens, drink Irish moss, baobab and moringa, have a work out then have a meal within a two hour window, drink warm water and teas, then sleep, then repeat the process.  This is my life supplement and this is the body I get in return.

Don't forget cold showers, oil pulling and copper tongue scraping after using miswak for teeth.  Love you all but cant stand to be around most of you lol

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