Everything we do is really for ourselves
How we affect another we can never really tell
How they are affected we can never truly feel
But there is a function and here’s the deal
What we want to express starts in our chest
That energy starts up spreads through you and has effect
Electricity from the intention affects our very cells
Before the action comes from contractions to reveal what it spells
For the receiver to read
The message transfers at an amazing speed
But here is the thing
You are the first one quenched from this electrical spring
That spills from us for others to drink
But they might not be able to appreciate the way you think
There is good news
The positive vibrations from your generous love is medicine for views
Fills up in your heart before it is ready to share
And pours out of your actions sweeting the air
All charity we execute opens you to you
We see our light and become like the moon
Lighting the darkness we lie to ourselves about
From children things happen and we can put ourselves down
But the spreading of love tells a story of non fiction
Whispers to your soul in a mystical diction
What a wonderful thing you are spreading goodness
Intentions all the time pursuing to bless
So now the truth of your light is open for you to bathe in
You can swim in the nutrient everyday kin
So don’t hold back from giving you this right
Spread love to all life from eyes open, till’ night
Don’t look for another to tell you they are grateful
Your reward is that you choose to practice this staple
Every atom that makes you will flourish and thrive
Your skin will indicate your state by being willing to shine
Your joints will be fluid and youl move so beautiful
I practice this discipline the proof is in my eyes that cooled
I stop wanting riches because I’m full up with wealth
Higher vibrations are moving me now I help
The lower frequencies every day I knock out, It’s getting harder to shout
I fight inside and I'm a multiple champion
From this day till’ next, this is the stamp of John
So take it from me, it matters not what others think
Just do good and be good, and train your instincts
To love you by doing good
Your stuff soon, will be over stood…….. by you
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