"I was talking to my teacher today, he is reaching his full realization he said, because he is dying of cancer, and going through this process he has been gifted with a great sensitivity."

He feels all the things that are toxic are at a very heightened level…so he has chosen this time to teach me…..His lesson today was, that everything is open to all, to be what we have never witnessed in human history, but it is the blockages to our realization that stops us from flying.

If we can sacrifice, in wise ways, and distill so to speak, we will find our true identity, potential and purpose……It’s not about what we accumulate, its about what we discard that reveals the work of art we really are. When I fast…I am free from wanting and seeking food, you have no idea the creativity that is waiting to express itself beneath all the lusts ….My teacher, has taught me that the brain turns off in an environment of constant food, the temptation of constant advertising turns us into reactionary patheticism …which leads to being ashamed of our needy selves.

There is more honor in getting off the floor, than winning an easy fight…I train on an empty stomach, all i take are herbs when I wake, then I earn my first meal, by blessing my body with movement. The relationship, I have with my membrane is loving, because the automation to conserve , and deliver to me what I need to move is a work of art… I am learning to control toxic speech and gestures , as well as consumption, and the love I get back from my appreciative soul is amazing.. I’ll never feel alone again.

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