The worst thing you can do when you have a depression episode is wish for it to be over.  I am blessed because I know how to separate my being from my body and mind.  My being is not subject to the body and minds issues, it resides in its own space.  It has no feeling other than perpetual quiet presence.  What is observing my depression is my being.  There always has been there and will always be the life of me.  Nothing wrong with being depressed, it means you are alive and connected, why?, because innocent humans are being brutalised and deprived of happiness because another set of miserable people don’t want to be the only ones in misery. 

Depression is the result of exhaustion from trying to get on with life while being aware of all the suffering.  My depression is proof that I am not numb and switched off into better me than them.  I am honoured to be depressed, it’s my humanity intact, so I treat myself well, let myself step off and shut down and when myself has listened to my gentle council., we will get back to being available for the abused, until we get worn out in the battle again.  My message, don’t worry about me falling down, enjoy the miracle of me constantly being able to get up, this is where you can locate the essence of me I promise you is in you.  OSU

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