My life is dedicated to showing people what they think is impossible can be made possible.  I have a lot of anger in the shape of extreme violence inside of me, I hate so many types of things that humans do, which results in me hating them and shows itself through brutality if any of these types do anything to provoke me in my presence.

I am easily capable of murder and self harm.  I can consume things that will destroy my organs and shut down my heart, and in fact have been driven to partake in this suicide by consumption.

What I have written here is my challenge that many have failed and succumbed to these dangerous practices, losing life to hate, poisons of their consumption habits, life incarceration and even have been murdered.

Everyday I wake to amaze my audience by defying the debilitations of my inner condition.  Like Houdini I escape the dangers of my challenges time and again motivated by the desire to show others you can escape what seems impossible and re emerge a wonder and joy to the world.  OSU

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