"Ever thought that everything you see on the net is for the soul purpose to get you to join the traffic to attract the money of people wanting to advertise the junk they want you to buy. Even though you don’t need it, your presence is a bartering tool advertising companies need to get some mug to pay them to offer you their product."

So every story whether war, world events, murder, music , scandal, tragedy, love, relationships and so on, are only for your clicks, and all those weird looking suits and bouffants, are getting kick backs to step to mics and in front of cameras spreading “political” hooks, they get paid well by their web masters for. Catching us in the fucking stories of which most are embellished and fiction.

Remember the psychological model we respond to as nervous systems is…. “it was bad, it gets worse, and now its better” …..this loop we are constantly sucked into, and we have been brought up on this script structure to be suckers…

We even live by it and have elevated it to being the structure of reality to the point we mold our lives to posses these soap opera elements…players , directed by spending hours as children watching “programs” programming the patterns we have been brain fucked into believing is the sequence of our very lives. 

If you have to verify, there is a question, and that question they don’t want you to focus on, so they broadcast, noise and flashing images to your nervous system to keep you concerned , and we generate revenue by tuning in, and consuming so as not to feel fear and make it to where it gets better.

But better, never really happens in time before we fucking die. The revolution will not be televised because it needs to happen inside, put your phones down, move away from screens, get out of the city and fucking BREATH……

see, everything is COPACETIC

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