"What clarity I feel when switching my thought.  From things that I don’t like to things that I aught."

Like wanting to tell someone what to do

To asking them, how are you

The energy switch is so tangible I feel the change of direction

Dominance to an expression of affection

To order someone or thing brings a feeling of contraction

To love then brings an opening , a flowing action

It’s like every thing inside my ribs becomes supple

Like when the body relaxes in the embrace of a loving couple

All of me loves to love, its desire I feel

I prefer this energy out of the two its more real

Caring for another feels healthier to me

So I’ll practice this better choice to help myself breathe

Every day I want to be open to the food of life

That’s why I’ll stay in this flow to dine on this vibe

It’s all love before I eventually die

My lovely self deserves it, and I will oblige


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