To a sick body and mind this is abuse, to me this is my body and soul right.  It is appreciated by my whole being.  The anticipation of movement while fasting actually resonates as joy. I have spent the last week end in the company of fighters and feel it is my obligation to continue to live as they do in order to perfect their bodies function and keep themselves healthy in order to enjoy the art of battle. 
The principles of the fighting world have saved my life and my intent is to spread and offer the functionality of a healthy fight ready body to the world.  This encompasses an enthusiastic happy mind, a determined soul, a peaceful intent with non combatants in order to conserve energy and a service promise as the ultimate medicine to any ailment that may threaten a great performance as a service bound human.
I vow to always return to my medicinal movements and eating patterns in order for my soul to resume its celebration of the respect I practice for this free life I was given out of the love of my creator. Until my last breath I will continue to learn and apply sequences and patterns that will further my journey into realising the improved future me's.  What I apply today brings closer the me that is waiting for me to put the knowledge and work in to earn me. OSU