After much study and re study i have looked at the limits i was given by people that are not me ...some i have known some i have never met, some family some not ...basically a mass of peoples ideas of safe limits were consumed by lovable and so gullible me....these limits fused themselves to my very nerves to the point i could not discern between them and me ....these limits i thought were my instincts they are not , they are other peoples programs they crammed themselves into...all my life i have felt stifled and restricted to the point of depression ....i would "act out"...of these corrals....i became as afraid as the people i obeyed , i am not them , so today i am sane and brave push a little beyond my programmed fears that tear at me while i strive for my clearing , i ignore the pain , its only alerts from a brain limited with his and her story...everyday i meet a little more of who i am an original companion i like ...because im no clone of them ...not better ....but more of me ..the johnny im meeting daily is an amazing reflection of how limitless my creator authentically made me Al hamdu lillah
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