Clarification's not quarantine, that's what you do for the certified sick, rather its house arrest mandated by the state, stop calling it social distancing , there is nothing social about forced isolation . Those that state "home safe" is their privilege, there is nothing safe at home for those that don't have adequate means and conditions to do so . Stop saying for the greater good , when in fact you are closing down the economy for most of the people. Stop saying new normal when in fact it's mind control , nothing normal about forced isolation and treating your neighbour like they have leprosy, breathing in your own bodily waste via a mask and living in constant fear of contamination . If this "virus" is so deadly why has it not wiped out the homeless, who have compromised health, poor hygiene, malnutrition and have no access to a sterile environment. Why were we not wearing a mask during the tuberculosis pandemic last year when 1.5 million people died?...This is a massive test to see who the propaganda works on and who it does not, gathering data on who are the potential sheep to make a system for in order for narcissists and sociopaths to have their heaven of have mores and have nots. Which of us adults will be the sheep that will raise children to be the same securing this system for decades...They set up for seven generations of their apathetic spawn that feed off of clear privilege....Global goyim is a desire for these pathogenetic people , the irony of a have more society that kills millions of innocent babies a year for convenience shuts itself down to prevent flawed adults from dying that it gates its self away from....Millions of angels die in the womb and they preach about the sanctity of life .....If we roam freely we can get arrested but you let criminals out of prison so they don't get "the corona virus"....Antithesis...thesis..anti...thesis...synthesis....When you shut down small businesses ..but don't lay off government employees's not about health...You ban dentists from practicing but abortion clinics stay open it's not about your health , when the state bans you from buying seeds for your garden but allows you to buy lottery tickets it's not about your health ..A psychopathic institution that creates and keeps nuclear weapons that can destroy the earth in their war fare should not be regulating personal self-defence, the same cluster of pathogenic minds that has been caught trafficking drugs should not be regulating plants. The same bunch that has racked up so much national debt should not be managing our retirement funds. The same group have done nothing about the spread of the STDs...they put amongst us should not be allowed to run health care ...The same "people" that "care” about “public health care" have shares in the garbage they fund the advertising of that they obviously want us to purchase and eat, they obviously benefit from us eating trash, drinking poison, smoking cancer and taking prescription drugs... They mock us with their advice about toilet paper, hand sanitiser and masks to protect us from their broadcast boogy man "virus"...tell me you have not seen the grin playing across their lips ...When did you consent to going from the government serving you to you serving the government and them ruling over you?...if you want to know who sees you as just a goyim think about who you can and can't criticise
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