"Buoyancy is the offering you are in receipt of now, we all get offered the opportunity at one time or another."

I know we have been told how things SHOULD be, for this body, but they did not teach us that, that is merely in place as a test for how it COULD be. To have your expectations attacked with trial is a blessed thing, it is here we get the opportunity to meet an amazing part of ourselves, that will only show itself after a while if we allow it by being patient and graceful, in the wait.

Wait out the trials with grace, and every day meet your buoyancy, your amazing ability to sustain. Two things can happen, you can prove to yourself you are weak and sink, or you can meet a power in you that will be you going forward floating into more trials of life with the new knowledge that you can withstand anything. Buoyant will now become the new you, trust yourself and keep calm.  In the humble silence your strength will cry out as it is born to you from these dark depths, you will have this offspring for the rest of your life it will grow in the shape of truth and proof that you have the power to deal with everything life has to throw at you.

To others looking on, you might be homeless and drowning… but you will know the soul you let grow strong enough to live in any stage of life that might come your way…give thanks you are in the greatest dojo and have the opportunity to be a human being many will never meet in themselves…………

Trust me I know………


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