"Be Careful Of Who You Choose To Be The Mother Of Your Children – A Message From A Good Friend"

I just thought it was about time that I share what I live with and how i feel about it.  I live in an environment that if I was not here could rob the quality of life my children deserve.  All their lives I have been trying to protect them from being subject to the habits that erode the great potential in them, just because the other adult has not been taught that black children if given the right things and manners can actually be amongst the greatest of humanity.

This has caused a battle between me and their mother, their mother can’t see them as I do and does not find any thing wrong with a lifestyle that does not allow my children’s potential to realize itself.  Because she has been convinced that, that potential does not exist, mediocre is a norm she has submitted to, to the point that she believes is the level of life itself for my children to be brought up to provide service to others, to be used by others, and to work for others not to work.

So mediocre diets are fine to be constantly introduced into their innocent systems, no matter how much I share the knowledge of how damaging they are.  Clothing that stinks of chemicals, just because she believes they allow her children to look cute and so acceptable to all the other retards that believe aesthetics is life itself.  I spend thousands of euros on the best food and minerals, I distill our water, buy the cleanest body products and household cleaners, only to watch her every chance she gets readminister poisons to my children.

My children love this enemy that I chose to be their mother……. I die inside every time I see my children’s skin react badly and their behavior and sleep get disturbed.  Their little lives are a chemical back and forth, and every day my quality of life is polluted with sorrow.  I will never leave my children to this dumbing down, it’s my duty not to, it ages me, but I will not give up….

All I can say is, be very mindful of who you are going to have children with …..

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