"The computer processing unit is based on the function of the human mind…..  If the computer gets a virus and malfunctions, are you going to blame the computer or the hacker?"

So much of our wonderful presets have been wiped out and viruses uploaded … we are freaking out….The first step is LA [no]…… refuse to ingest the virus, the next is………to get back to the presets, the basics that are conducive to our health physical and mental. The purest organic harmony for the membrane , the highest thoughts of love for the mind, then the energy of the soul can start up and flourish, and take us to an existence that will be true existence.

Everything about us will work in tandem, the oneness of our mind, body and soul will rise in its oneness, harmony will be our realness, that harmony will exhibit the artistry of the love that put this orchestra together. We will be in knowledge of the producer of our gifts…gratitude will be the oxygen we have so long been deprived of, the oxygen that pathogens cannot live with…….their draining shackles will dissolve and we will fill our chests with power and dance in the light of our lover …….ALLAH

In sha ALLAH

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