Adjust the energy, sensibly

Dedicated to sedatives and medications, what you doing?

Levitate you with education, your not alone, every creation is engaged to you, why ruining it?....

Don't want the marriage, I understand they got you in their hands thinking you wont make it happy, i got a plan.  I'm writing like im fighting bring it son, I'm touching every subject my fingers numb.  Middle finger got a lump, but I wont stop inking love, this means something.

My illustrations are explanations, my mind is sap, it all draws sweetness, intentions ceaseless, it's kind of mad.

Outer body spouted oddly for entertainment, words threaded peace contained in.  I'm insane with love, magnetic, my maps ready, we will make it out, me and creativity are making out.  My lips are wet with licks, spilling on some non stop hieroglyph, get my drift?

Tryna' save all this for the future kids, I'm feeling lit.

Got energy for enemies, dotting I"S, my eyes wide catching rhymes
ready my thoughts with the inner me. That's why I didn't die, its the better views, dedicating me to craft some better news, I better see, I leather shoes
cobbler for the cobbles, saving tired feet, working poor no more there will be settled scores.

Rely on me.  Higher feats.  Inspire me.

I inner fight with all your spite, you dropped in me exorcised with thoughts I write.  Not a sin to see, all nights long I write strong to right wrongs.  Lights on feel lovely, live above me, we need great ones no late ones forget the ugly.  No child is born like that, it's all a fact I back, this all the facts I pack
and I stand on em in sandals.  Haha, life hacks.  

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