Had a nice rest, tomorrow I am back on my grind.  I missed it, still a bit foggy, afraid , confused at times, numb, tired, grumpy, short temper, but I also have experience not to act on how I feel.  It’s chemical and will pass, haha.  Ignorance is a c@nt that will no longer keep me in the STD of confusion.  I know myself b%&ch and my rhythms.  So everybody is safe from me, thank god.


Addiction is not about the object, it’s about escaping from what is giving you discomfort and pain mentally , emotionally or physically.  Diving into indulgences to the point of perpetually wears on the body and mind to the point of threatening and causing complete breakdown through exhaustion of the structure through no rest.  It’s a full time job of self abuse to escape from you.  There is an easier route, connect with the complexity of you till you come upon the Divine.  That’s the greatest pain killer, and actually enhances life not take it.


There is a lonely moment in the process of when someone is taking there own life and just before they make themselves a fatality.  That lonely moment is when their whole being lets them know they really don’t want to die.  It’s the lonely moment of knowing that no one will ever know that you really did not want to die but instead every fibre of you wanted to LIVE.  I say this on behalf of every person that has died by suicide, and it’s what they wanted me to pass on to all who are living.  NONE OF US REALLY WANT TO DIE.  NONE OF US


People who’s lives mean nothing more than fear and restriction can one day decide that its not fair and with disbelief mixed in that nothing will change about their plight they will seek justice by having others endure their predicament.  They lost their belief that they can be up on the average persons level of happiness so they decide to drag the average person down to their level of misery.  This is when atrocities are engineered to spread a feeling of uncertainty, fear and restriction in your life because of these elements IN THEIRS.  My heart goes out to all the victims of these humans who have broken down and solidified in there view of existence.  I for one will be looking out for any person that shows signs of breakage when it comes to living optimistically.  The only thing we can do is be there for each other and help one another to change our personal life view.  I too was at a stage once where I wanted the world to feel as miserable as me, but my loved ones would not let me calcify in this dangerous mind state.  They kept my hope alive with their love and patience with me.  They stood up to me and challenged my cynical life view and even suggested things and practices that could change that.  My big sister has a simple but powerful medicine, when speaking to me she only describes me in precious and valuable terms.

Pour your heart out to every human you come across, let your heart pour through your smile, your look, your hand shake, your hugs.  Let us all kill any potential killer with our love, Lets globally disintegrate any idea of murder and terrorising behaviour before it becomes physical in it’s manifestation.  Let the only tangible of intent be LOVE AND SUPPORT.


If you are an educator and you are not sharing the truth of the brutality that built this present system our children live in, then you are working for and support the brutes.  All educators have to be revolutionaries and educate the new generation to not follow the ways of the brutes and not support their mocking ,destroying system.  Instead we should produce children to destroy this barbarism and implement a world of unity, love and play.  Only then will we expand, amplify and preserve the humanity they were born with and have a right to.


Demonise a people to your country men, get your country men to spend their time making weapons, and paying each other a wage to do so, then go to war with those people you have demonised.  Devastate them because they are not as bent on war as you, put in place tyrant leaders educated in the same schools as you, so are in love with being just like you.  Have them sell your corporations and their want to be richer and better share holders the land of these terrorised people in order for it to be raped of it’s precious resources so the have mores can gloss over their ugliness with “shiny things” and when the land and victims are devastated, start all over again on another part of the earth. Have your apathetic country men work night and day to support your ugly polluted carcasses in suspending your reality.  YOU NEEDY LAZY F#!KING PARASITES.  This is what it’s all about, I’m WOKE.  So I don’t waste my time ingesting your lies.  I’m a soul.  SO F!@K OFF, I’M NOT YOUR HELP.


Through fear you have narrowed your life by clinging to a dogma and there is a lot of self abuse you have to do to a curious soul that is desperate to discover more to life.  Eventually this argument will be nothing more than a life of tension, which is destructive to the nervous system and so the body and mind.  Everything outside this constriction will obviously be feared but considering the torture your confinement is inflicting isn’t it fare to deduce that what you fear is an escape from this prison?.  An extra room to breath and stretch the fear is only created by your belief that being in your bubble is safer but that bubble is really restricting your exploration.  Explore and jump into the fears and add more ground and space to your life.  Please.


http://uplifterscarpet.com/tag/cleaning/ OK check this, when you are about to do something globally, before you waste your money on something that might not work,you do it on a small scale first.  Gentrification is a good example.  Move rich and wealthy white people into non white and working poor areas and let them use their superior finances to lift the look of the area.  Bring in better restaurants and shops serving top quality wears and let a materialistic youth view this as progress.  Now you have a generation of on lookers believing that these rich white types are actually improving things where ever they reside.  THIS IS GROOMING, for when they are ready to do this openly on a global scale no one will complain when they displace people and move in themselves.  The prep has been under way for years, sending pictures and film all over the net where the next generation consume their world view of africa being ruined by it’s own people.  Is it any wonder they now are fucking up England and America and taking more and more money for the elite and their children.  They are getting ready to move to what they call Arabia and Africa and move the people of color to their slum of countries.  That’s the mind state.  Privilege needs to have poverty to stand next to and compare itself.  It was only a matter of time before these health food devils decide they are tired of importing the fruits of the earth.  Why not live in the paradise that produces the bounties and bum rush heaven.

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Want to know how to amplify your life and be happy with every move of it?  Convince yourself that it will be the last time you will be able to do anything that you want to and get the opportunity to do.  The fact is, it actually is the last time you will ever get to do that thing in that way, on this day , at this time, in this position and cadence of the cosmos, so be present slow down and drink it all in.


This was never going to be about my life, it was going to be images of a productive human being pursuing an idea to rid his D.N.A. of the rage and self hatred passed onto his D.N.A by the rapists that hated the women they stole and brutalized because of their innate hatred of my people.  The anger and hatred of the white man who fathered a lot of my gene pool is in me.  I am ridding myself through research and knowledge of his shapes and returning to my birth right of being my own.  This can be presented in the narrative and the remedies I practise to purify myself of the bile of hateful rapists of the women in my gene pool, not to mention all the resultant self hate of the victims of the systematic destruction of the original self love and honor of my innocent ancestors.  For me to break out of this Willy Lynch curse is an amazing thing and proves that even after more than four hundred years of brutality and slandering that carries on to this present day this system does not have the power they claim.  I am proof of that.  It did not break me and nor will it, and that is proof of something more powerful than brutality and no matter the contamination of my genes.  Who I really come from will rise up and be me and help me back to my right shape.  I am ridding myself of even any phenotype of this f£@king evil.  Google epigenetics.  This is deeper than the details of my life, it’s the distillation, ridding and immunity of the cause of my life and all it’s confusion and pain.  The wonderful interesting remedies I have been gifted to use in this process is what I deserve after all this hateful sexually transmitted disease.  I don’t know if I have enough time left to cleanse my D.N.A to the degree I would like, but I’m happy with the work so far.  All I hope and wish for is those with youth try my patterns and enjoy more time spent on these patterns than I have been allowed.  The results I’m sure would be beyond our present imagination.