I’ll answer you this.  When you see me eat select foods, fasting, praying and learning to manage stress, understand this.  I am living a life as a man preparing for high performance and that high performance is QUALITY OF LIFE.  Everyday I wake up I step into this arena full of combatants that have put together a system to mutilate and humiliate me but time again I defy and maul them with my life example.  Them and their forefathers I will continue to prove are not or never will be a match for me …….OSU


The greatest thing in my life, is to feel and know I prefer to love, that is a massive break through, and a fantastic victory to finally identify myself by this amazing ability that is inside of me and not the brute that I felt I had to learn to be.  I molested the innocence I was with violence, fear of being hurt, the justification that deformed my beauty only to realize after all these years love has always been there fresh as ever waiting to become my reality again.  I thank my children and their mothers, and all the people like Barrie Sharpe that cared enough and were brave enough to challenge me to be higher than the prowling killer I can stoop to.      OSU


No power structure will have total freedom to tell a story about me.  While I have technique to speak, I’m the truth your children seek.  They are tired of you surrounding them with spooks, so I’ll be a re route to a life without fear of your neighbor.  You will never rule the air waves to dehumanize for genocide, just so you can create space away from races you defame.  I’ll rhyme my phrases so your children rave and celebrate till we are family again and life will be the game it’s supposed to be with people not being opposed to people, and set our hearts free from fears that only promote disease.  I speak to set all people free to love, then I can stop being pissed off ………OSU


Got us looking around for potential enemies, while they are right in your neighborhoods.  You and your children have not been allowed an education that will allow you the finances to feed your families medicinal food.  You’re kept in a service state to your despisers.  Bills are to threaten your survival life.  You live an existence of cortisol and adrenaline.  You and your children’s glands are exhausted and minds haunted with not making it through another day.  There is no sense of security amougst the flight or fight with hair triggers.  Taxed heavily you provide the good interest from banks for the privileged who enjoy seasoned tax breaks, from governments who do nothing about this nutritional divide between them and you because they are not for you.  They are for the few that get to feed their children the non toxic remedies which allow their young to carry on the tradition of looking down on you and yours.  Accuse you of being prone to mischief and disruption when there is clearly a cause.  This structure is structured to keep a divide between the meandering privileged and the rushing to work poor, who’s life is only to generate more healthy life to those that love this divide and thrive on it.  This is not the way the cookie crumbled, it is being crushed in front of your face so that a few can amplify the privilege they pick at at leisure and most times waste.  Anything other than clean one item food is national abuse so the threat to national security are the few that don’t care about the slow destruction of your organs inside you.  Make clean food a standard for all humans, or there is not humanity hubris.


What is happening in the world is happening in how we treat ourselves.  We have followed habits and live lives that have us adrenaly shot.  Then you prod and stimulate our tired glands to keep firing their energy until we finally break down and completely collapse.  Globally humans are being drained, who then drain the earth to keep themselves stimulated.  Eventually we, our earth and our lives will have nothing left to give.

Remedy…….. let’s all fast, stop competing, enjoy each other and give every atom that gives us a rest from fears.


OK I suppose I need to do this.  Any attack staged or by programmed people is to gauge what and who you find important.  The same people playing with you and studying you are the same people that show you disasters and murder of innocent people across the world.  You know the plight of Palestinians and Africans, Syrians and many other victims that are not from white lands.  It is documented that you did not worry or feel outraged on the same level as you did when sh#t happened locally, much like the jews that were exterminated just around the corner in Germany, you keep their plight alive, but when it comes to the genocide of Africans in the Congo that makes the jewish situation look like a drop in a pond by comparison you say nothing.  So it is clear when the online data is shared in meetings by the parasites they will have no worries that you will react or protest to their next demonic move on foreign lands, you won’t care that they murder children, rob those lands of their precious resources and displace people.  The data proves clearly you only have emotions for your own, they will even show you footage of their atrocities in the near future and you wont give a shit.  You will virtue signal and share the footage for clicks and likes on your pages, then get back to selfies and pictures of your shitty food.  They are right about you, you really are a bunch of Goyims.


Your internal organs are as innocent as babies.  When your ego pushes their creator aside and you claim ownership, lets see what happens next.  Those of you that believe you have a right to pursue things that alter your mental state because you do not live in the therapeutic sate of gratitude take your innocent organs into poisonous past times.  You cause your organs damage and despair leading to internal terror.  You turn to your organs and claim “this is my life and you have to live with it, I dont care about what you have to go through to live with me, if you dont like it kill me “.  You can imagine the psychological problems of people like this, you hurt your innocent body, then you try to treat it better only to keep your body around to torture it again.  To me it’s like you have kidnapped innocent children and keep them alive to abuse them.  Is it any wonder after so much periodical abuse your body falls out of love with you and grows to hate being inside you, to the point it plots your death in secret and then one day, they jump you and kill you without remorse.  Your body has enough proof that you are an innocence abuser and need to be put down.  This abusive behavior is even taught to children by parents because like your internal world you act it out in the outer world and teach self hatred to your children.  Who taught you to not value yourself like this to the point you think it’s normal and even fun to abuse the innocent parts of you like this?  When you really analyse this you are nothing more than a child abuser, your inner organs are as innocent as the day you were born, they did not grow up they remained the same and intend the same since before you were born.


If we start eating the minute we roll out of bed, and do not stop until we go to sleep, we spend almost all our time in the fed state. Over time, we will gain weight. We have not allowed our body any time to burn food energy.

To restore balance or to lose weight, we simply need to increase the amount of time we burn food energy (fasting). In essence, fasting allows the body to use its stored energy. After all, that’s what it is there for. The important thing to understand is that there is nothing wrong with that. That is how our bodies are designed. That’s what dogs, cat, lions and bears do. That’s what humans do.

If you are constantly eating, as is often recommended, then your body will simply use the incoming food energy and never burn the body fat. You’ll only store it. Your body will save it for a time when there is nothing to eat. You lack balance. You lack fasting.  OSU


“Dehydration causes competition between healthy cells and pathological organisms for water. It is a real survival-of-the-fittest scenario. Inflammation cannot survive without water. A wet environment is ideal for the proliferation of pathological bacteria, viruses and worms – water shortage is as devastating as fire for them. All dead or dying tissues will be expelled from the body. A water fast does the same thing but takes much longer to accomplish the goal.

What is inflammation? Tissues are swollen with water where infection is having a party. Pathological bacteria and microbes love wet terrain. Dry fasting eliminates inflammation the same way a swamp gets rid of mosquitoes and other insects when it dries up. Microbes are annihilated immediately. The shortage of water is a cleansing drought that is disastrous to the body’s enemies. It is pernicious for pathological bacteria.”


What if I told you that everything you learned from being a child right through to adulthood was from people that were in fear and everything you know and do is an echo of their fears which formed their perception of the world and so their behaviors and desires.

How you speak, interact , fashion and fads are all based in a reaction to fear and all of these things are picked up by your nervous system as “something must be wrong “.  Everything you do is based on an obsession with being strong and not vulnerable which indicates there is something to be strong for, there is something to make sure you are better than.  What a tiring corrosive life, hoarding as if you are going to starve, reaffirming power as if your going to be powerless.  Your whole life is a re run of fearful people from their fear full times and you claim to be yourself.  Be honest with yourself, and drop this vibe that is not you.