OK understand this, I am constantly contacted by so called creatives from todays bunch to film with me after they show me their previous work.[of which i have seen a thousand times, but really I am only checking the film quality and equipment they have access to] and i agree to give them a shot.  The next thing I hear is it’s going to take some time because they have to organize and make a story board, my response to that is, “ILL PASS..BYE”.  Because I know first of all if they are making a story board they are going to want me to follow their orders of how to represent me in a way that fits the taste of an audience that they are d#@k riding, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.  First of all they are corny and follow corny trends and aesthetics that they all steal from each other in order to give themselves a better chance to get the clicks from an audience that have been told what to wear, eat ,drink and how to behave to brand what they think is cool.  The youth culture today are sheep and all want to fit in, if I get involved in pleasing them I’ll be corny too.  These so called creatives follow trends and all they do is look for different faces to front their average model, almost like they will use me to endorse their bullsh£t.  They search what is trending and take bits of all those trends mix it up a bit and hope no one knows the sources of their f£@king fraud.

This is what needs to happen if you contact me for a collab [which it never is, its just an exploitation of my time and image to front an average model].  If I agree I expect you to turn up with your equipment, we have a brief talk about what we all agree, we want to share with an audience, then we start filming, no plan just film keeping our minds on what we agreed to convey.  Then we sit in edit and cut to a random rhythm.  If the finished work makes the kid nervous and scared that it is not in a way that todays audience likes then we have something original, if todays sheep like it then we have failed.

You need to be brave enough to create a hate backlash, that’s the first sign that you are not pandering and will be tomorrows trend.  Never let an audience tell you you are wack, they are corny and into goofy shit.  YOUR LATE CATCH UP, that is what your work should say to them.

It is difficult for this copy and paste generation because they have access to and have consumed so much of other peoples work who have in turn done the same.  I come from a time where that was not my privilege, so I had to create what came out of my head and heart and I run by that rhythm to this day…..  OSU


Today I saw the beauty of the wind, there was capitulum of dandy lions every where a few days ago.  Now they have all been blown away, so soon there will be big yellow dandy lion flowers for me to eat on my way home from my early morning bike sprints.  Nature serves, i appreciate.  Reverence


Think about this.  The fact that you were born is because you have come from people that had the energy to energize their offspring, even if its just genetics, to have the energy to keep bearing children till one of those children had the power to bear you, and they did this in harsh environments that you cant even imagine.  Me and you are from powerful people, believe that, issues or not, we are elected because they were selected …. Give thanks, OSU


it is clear that a capitalist lifestyle is a killer.  Dead food habits and high performance traps your body in the malfunctioning state related to the stress of trying to keep your life from being “poor”.  It’s clear we all have seen the consequences and horrible way we as people in this grinder suffer and die.  Hope disintegrates and the body kills you out of mercy.  So your lifestyle has been dictated and formed for you by the conquering people that now call themselves your rulers.  They got into that position by brutality and their ideas for human existence are brutal.  They know nothing else nor do they want to, to them this is their power and it has got them into their privileged positions.  So if you are not living a lifestyle nutritionally and mentally that prepares you for this competitieve, brutal, kill or be killed existence, then your only perception of your position in this matrix will be that of a fear filled victim.  This INFLICTED life is a fight, be healthy, being toxic and ingesting toxins in a toxic way will only present you to be savaged and mutilated by the present state of todays so called civilization.  Did you expect truth, health and reality from savages and their progeny? Be fight ready…..OSU 


Hahahaha, very interesting experience.  I went running and I looked into a shop window that I was running past and I saw this puffy faced bearded old guy with a pot belly, wide waste and a big ass.  And I thought how the hell am I going to get this guy to turn back into me? I’ll get there, because he is an illusion left behind by the terrible foods and habits of what many call tasty and enjoyable.  It’s all like putting cyanide in a sugar cube and getting it into the populous by way of misinformation, miseducation, manipulation and down right lies.  When you see me healthy and functional, know it is the truth that got me back there.  OSU


We all have things in our lives that we want, that we work for and dream about. Most of us feel that once we get that thing everything else in our lives will be better. We have this goal and we put all of our thoughts into achieving it but too often we forget to enjoy everything along the way. I can compare this to training for a fight. I used to be training for a fight and just dread the hard days I would have to go through. All I wanted to do was get to that day where I could finally get in there and fight. I would just get through the motions of training that would ultimately all lead up to this goal. The fight day would finally be here, the fight would happen and then in an instant, it would all be over. Afterwards I would be left with an empty feeling, a sadness, almost a depression. It’s because my whole life would be centered around this one moment in time. Every second of every day would be on this moment. And then it would be gone. I realized that all those days of hard training that I would dread and get through as fast as possible were just as valuable and great as the fight day. I realized that I was rushing through my life. Sure it might not be as fun as the actual fight but I get to live my dreams every day, why would I rush through or dread that. What I’m trying to say is don’t think that once you reach this goal everything is just going to magically be wonderful. If you aren’t happy with five dollars in your pocket you won’t be happy with 5 million. Having goals and dreams is an extremely important part of life. I believe that we all need to have these things and that we all need to go after them. But don’t think that once you get there that it’s going to miraculously change your life and change who you are. Enjoy the ride. Enjoy the now. Yes, that goal should drive you and keep you motivated, but don’t forget to enjoy the struggle, enjoy the hard times. You’re not going to be here forever, maybe 100 years’ tops, enjoy the moments that you have. Good or bad, they are all meaningful so appreciate them and ENJOY THE RIDE!  


YES self management is the only real protest against self and outer destruction , its not even a f$£k you, that’s bad energy.  Its about love you, that will cultivate a great space for your cells to thrive and sing. A lot of damage has been done to me as a child, and as a pure being I tried to do what I thought the world wanted me to do, which was f$£k myself up on their behalf.  Thank god there is something inside of me that knows better, I’m glad you are inspired, if thats the best thing about knowing me then I’m happy.  I dont worry about projects not seeing the light of day any more, for me it’s about moving, thinking, planning, creating.  Like skating, it’s not about getting somewhere it’s all about the sweetness of the ride, the vibration of surface kissing the bottom of your feet, the vibrations we get in the process. I’m so glad I have my business, now i can do my interests artistically just for the journey and creativity of it, you wake up with nothing and go to bed with something. Sometimes I just think, where does it come from, and how did it come out like that, it’s like a strange communication to the nerves, sonic crack haha.  It’s like each production is a different flavor weed, life is interesting, and i dont fear what the f@£k im going to say or do next, because it’s all gratitude my friend.  The sun is out, and we are possibility, enjoy yourself hahaha, we are still above the ground…….innerstand?


We will all join and be part of the earth we step in, and know this, the heart does not stop because of fatigue, it stops because of destruction and when that destruction becomes overwhelming the time to stop is by instruction.  We are trapped within laws that will be carried out, positive or negative, live the “hell” out of your lives, literally, be grateful and love.  Love to be grateful


In carving my body I don’t have a shape goal.  I just apply the type of eating patterns that allow me intensity and stamina and the same goes for movements, each physical pattern and cadence will prepare my body to execute the next even better and they in turn will make me better and stronger once I come back around to the first movement.  And then again the process starts, eventually I will see what body these patterns will leave behind.  OSU


Walking the roads of our youth
Through the land of our childhood, our home, and our truth
Be near me, guide me, always stay beside me
So I can be free
Let’s roam this place, familiar and vast
Our playground of green frames our past
We were wanderers
Never lost
Always home
When every place was fenceless
And time was endless
Our ways were always the same
Cool my demons and walk with me, brother
Until our roads lead us away from each other
And if your heart’s full of sorrow, keep walking
Don’t rest
And promise me from heart to chest to never let your memories die
I will always be alive and by your side
In your mind
I’m free