I will not feel strange about how I let my heart fill up with love and gratitude about being around good people, even if I have only met them for a day or two, sometimes only a few hours.  Even though I have a wonderful family, I still have room in my heart to feel sad when I have to leave my new friends and I still miss them for a long time after.  This happens to me all the time, and I like this about me.  Even though the people I get attached too find it a little strange.

“i see your strength fam”

When a kid gets mad when you look at them, it’s because they think you see them.  They don’t want you to see their fears and their pain, because of fear.  Now is your chance to communicate with a soul that has chosen you to give clues to, that they need healing.  Here is a tool when a kid looks at you like “WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?”, answer like this…”I see your strength fan”.


Went to the house where I was abused as a child today and sat on the same door step where I played with my cat fluffy to escape the horrors of my house only to be kicked in the face for no reason by some local bully that walked in my gate and walked up my path to deliver an almighty kick to my young face.  Today I went to the same house and sat on the same step a strong loving creative soul.  They did not even make a dent on the amazing part of me….OSU


Why does fried food end up killing you?  Your body tries to digest the oil first and gets tired during the process especially this industrial stripped for shelf life oil.  Which means now you have meat and acidic vegetables left rotting in your body which will panic and produce mucus to trap the poison for you to excrete by coughing it up or shitting it out.  When you perpetually eat in this poisonous way, you will over produce mucus and clog the working of your body like filling your self with glue.  The stagnation will cause you to become nothing but a puss pit internally and being as this is not the fuel for a body to function, you will step by step cease to function and the soul will exit the you that has become nothing but it’s prison.


Listen this has never been about what you see and analyse.  You keep straying away from that, it’s about your intentions internally and your enthusiasm in perfecting a pattern of producing medicinal food for people that eat for pleasure.  You have to intend to treat them better than they treat themselves everything you do is for service and your joy is the patterns it takes to achieve that.  Your life should be a yoga you are trying to fine tune until you become an onlooker and passenger of a perfect flow.  That’s all life is.  When I sit with my kids I can enjoy them, but what I am really doing is taking the opportunity to perfect my interaction to the point that they feel their life is wonderful.  Every aspect of life is a martial art offering itself to be practiced and perfected to the point it becomes a dance.


I want to share something with you all.  All you people that tell me to be more quiet and soft, every month I get DMs from young people that share with me that they want to die, and some have actually attempted suicide but the attempt did not work and they thank me for being so aggressive about living and not self destructing, and that they now are training studying diet and enjoying the cooperation of themselves in sustaining their lives.  Everything about what I share has a vicious energy fighting the IDEA of self destruction and that energy has helped these young people fight the terrible suggestion to take their lives.  So on their behalf, I WILL NOT F%$KING CALM DOWN.


Honestly how easy would it be for everyone to have enough if we only took what we needed. We are bred into the more is better mentality, enough will never be enough until we realize and value what we already have. I’ve always found, travelling the world and interacting with countless types of people from every range, that it truly seems those who live more modest lives are the ones that have found the real meaning. They value people instead of things. Substance over status. We are all in this together, we are all family and this world is all our home. It’s time we started treating it, and eachother, with the love and respect it/we deserve.

  • Kevin ‘Soul Assassin’ Ross


When I was an alcoholic and drug addict (as if there is a difference).  I remember going into the room where all my clothes and shoes were, and the shoes were covered in dust and the clothes had some spider webs on them.  In fact when I walked through the door I felt spider webbing on my face.  At that moment my poetic mind which was still alive told me, “this is what it will look like when you die”, when chemicals are firing off the brain, from the neck down stops wanting to move, life no longer stimulates and to this day life is still a little dull, because my brain had been taken into a life or death space.  Everyday I woke up I was a survivor, but i was not living.  I was locked up in prisons for being violent because of a polluted brain and nervous system.  Was ALLAH saving my life?

I was locked up 23 hours a day so I was not about to go down the block by being caught taking drugs.  So I ate well read books on addiction and discovered a word that changed my life REVERENCE.

I force fed myself every detail of life I could.  I watched myself move and read books on the workings of my anatomy.  I looked at pictures of nature.  I prayed and counted my blessings.  But I knew my mind can get bored with “normal life”, so I became a movement student and pushed myself to extremes.  Extremes that competed with the chemical extremes and won.  Then I told my whole being we are going to live a life of service.  All of me got excited.  It’s a beautiful curse so to speak left behind by addiction, because I can’t sit still and I have to feed my mind challenges.  Then I send the best drug of all to my system.  GRATITUDE .

DRUGS ARE FOR COWARDS MADE COWARDS BY BAD PARENTING AND SCHOOLING, That was ME using drugs to drop out.  I understood the guy waiting to die and I sympathised.  That’s why I am taking him on this amazing journey.  He is grateful to me and does not fear ME any more.  I give him nice clothes with no dust in sight because waiting to die is out of the question when you can live so dapper, while being proof of life itself.  WELL DONE JOHNNY.  WELL DONE………  OSU


The only time to fight is for something you would give your life for.  Anything other than that is merely personal emotional and psychological issues.  To compete in order to sharpen your fighting in order to fight well for something you would die for is a healthy and honourable past time as long as it is only to prepare for the fight for the something you would die for.  OSU


I feel it and know it, my early effort is to pull back and sit quiet, this is done with an intent, to not hurt anyone, this in itself is changing the angle because for generations the people who I was born amongst hurt others when their warped D.N.A asked them to follow it’s mutated pattern.  I’m just getting my structure used to not reacting the same, my body sits still but I still feel the movement of rage. I am waiting for my body to be convinced that its OK not to follow the old patterns, that it is actually better, and life will be better, but for now the best I can do, is sit in my silent cave and protect other souls from me.

Just as I was writing this, both my children woke up, and came in the bed with me.  Haha, you see everything is showing me a different result if I choose human concern, and most of all care for myself.