This was never going to be about my life, it was going to be images of a productive human being pursuing an idea to rid his D.N.A. of the rage and self hatred passed onto his D.N.A by the rapists that hated the women they stole and brutalized because of their innate hatred of my people.  The anger and hatred of the white man who fathered a lot of my gene pool is in me.  I am ridding myself through research and knowledge of his shapes and returning to my birth right of being my own.  This can be presented in the narrative and the remedies I practise to purify myself of the bile of hateful rapists of the women in my gene pool, not to mention all the resultant self hate of the victims of the systematic destruction of the original self love and honor of my innocent ancestors.  For me to break out of this Willy Lynch curse is an amazing thing and proves that even after more than four hundred years of brutality and slandering that carries on to this present day this system does not have the power they claim.  I am proof of that.  It did not break me and nor will it, and that is proof of something more powerful than brutality and no matter the contamination of my genes.  Who I really come from will rise up and be me and help me back to my right shape.  I am ridding myself of even any phenotype of this f£@king evil.  Google epigenetics.  This is deeper than the details of my life, it’s the distillation, ridding and immunity of the cause of my life and all it’s confusion and pain.  The wonderful interesting remedies I have been gifted to use in this process is what I deserve after all this hateful sexually transmitted disease.  I don’t know if I have enough time left to cleanse my D.N.A to the degree I would like, but I’m happy with the work so far.  All I hope and wish for is those with youth try my patterns and enjoy more time spent on these patterns than I have been allowed.  The results I’m sure would be beyond our present imagination.


There is a difference between proving yourself, and discovering more of yourself.  We have proof of life, but how much of a life we are is the magical ride over the edges of what others say is life into finding the more of you that had more than they thought to get you there and find you there, feeling the hero that rode the road and smoked the unknown to bring to life more of what should have been known for us to see even more of the glory, we are and this is.  God bless the adventurers that venture out beyond mans fears and come back with the truth that there is more to us out there……..OSU


LISTEN!!!..  Let me make this simple.  If you find no problem with what happened to indigenous people and enslaved people in order to build your society then you have no problem with the psychos that maintain this putrid system.  So don’t complain that you are catching hell, your condition is born out of the same system that did atrocities to build itself into the house you now live in.


They say bi polar is set off by disorder in the sufferers life, what if the sufferer depends on order in society to keep stable?  I have found a way to manage my condition, I have reset my expectations, to none, and the only order I feed my brain is the sequence of prayer and well wishing, which I have complete control over.  Nothing has ever been able to mess with that, so because of the order I feed myself internally, my body to the outer world has better behavior ………  Prayer is my Ritalin


What a great blessing it is to know how to stop and clear my mind of all thought except counting every blessing that allows me life and to pour from my heart love and the best for humanity.  Nothing deserves to interrupt this right I give to myself, by the graces of ALLAH.  Every atom in me loves to bathe in this heart motion , I am grateful to be loved and have this ability to love.


I’ll answer you this.  When you see me eat select foods, fasting, praying and learning to manage stress, understand this.  I am living a life as a man preparing for high performance and that high performance is QUALITY OF LIFE.  Everyday I wake up I step into this arena full of combatants that have put together a system to mutilate and humiliate me but time again I defy and maul them with my life example.  Them and their forefathers I will continue to prove are not or never will be a match for me …….OSU


The greatest thing in my life, is to feel and know I prefer to love, that is a massive break through, and a fantastic victory to finally identify myself by this amazing ability that is inside of me and not the brute that I felt I had to learn to be.  I molested the innocence I was with violence, fear of being hurt, the justification that deformed my beauty only to realize after all these years love has always been there fresh as ever waiting to become my reality again.  I thank my children and their mothers, and all the people like Barrie Sharpe that cared enough and were brave enough to challenge me to be higher than the prowling killer I can stoop to.      OSU


No power structure will have total freedom to tell a story about me.  While I have technique to speak, I’m the truth your children seek.  They are tired of you surrounding them with spooks, so I’ll be a re route to a life without fear of your neighbor.  You will never rule the air waves to dehumanize for genocide, just so you can create space away from races you defame.  I’ll rhyme my phrases so your children rave and celebrate till we are family again and life will be the game it’s supposed to be with people not being opposed to people, and set our hearts free from fears that only promote disease.  I speak to set all people free to love, then I can stop being pissed off ………OSU


Got us looking around for potential enemies, while they are right in your neighborhoods.  You and your children have not been allowed an education that will allow you the finances to feed your families medicinal food.  You’re kept in a service state to your despisers.  Bills are to threaten your survival life.  You live an existence of cortisol and adrenaline.  You and your children’s glands are exhausted and minds haunted with not making it through another day.  There is no sense of security amougst the flight or fight with hair triggers.  Taxed heavily you provide the good interest from banks for the privileged who enjoy seasoned tax breaks, from governments who do nothing about this nutritional divide between them and you because they are not for you.  They are for the few that get to feed their children the non toxic remedies which allow their young to carry on the tradition of looking down on you and yours.  Accuse you of being prone to mischief and disruption when there is clearly a cause.  This structure is structured to keep a divide between the meandering privileged and the rushing to work poor, who’s life is only to generate more healthy life to those that love this divide and thrive on it.  This is not the way the cookie crumbled, it is being crushed in front of your face so that a few can amplify the privilege they pick at at leisure and most times waste.  Anything other than clean one item food is national abuse so the threat to national security are the few that don’t care about the slow destruction of your organs inside you.  Make clean food a standard for all humans, or there is not humanity hubris.


What is happening in the world is happening in how we treat ourselves.  We have followed habits and live lives that have us adrenaly shot.  Then you prod and stimulate our tired glands to keep firing their energy until we finally break down and completely collapse.  Globally humans are being drained, who then drain the earth to keep themselves stimulated.  Eventually we, our earth and our lives will have nothing left to give.

Remedy…….. let’s all fast, stop competing, enjoy each other and give every atom that gives us a rest from fears.